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Bob Crane, Featured Artist

Bob Crane is the 2016 Hummingbird Celebration featured artist. His hummingbird painting is the image on this year's iconic shirt.

2016 Featured Artist, Bob Crane

Bob Crane

1953 –

Born San Francisco CA

Lives in Rossville TN

501 410 7600

Professional Career in Advertising – 25 years

Parallel career in fine art – 25 + years

Self-taught in graphite, pen and ink, watercolors, oils, sculpting.

Artistic Statement:

Artist’s statements should say something poignant, insightful, slightly revealing and have some meaning of life and how art plays a part in that life.


     Be here now, it is all there is. Oh, there are only 2 emotions – love and fear.


    We are born alone, die alone and fill the space trying not to be alone.

Slightly Revealing

    One time I felt so alone I thought I might just drop dead, it couldn’t be worse. I didn’t.

How art plays a part in my life

    The above statement could read “How God plays a part in my life.” When I paint I feel as though I am a conduit. One day I was painting a portrait. It was difficult and was turning to mush. I stopped and remembered a statement from a very good friend of mine, ‘Let go and let God.’ With that, I took a deep breath and exhaled as I started applying more paint. Within a short period of time, the painting was done and it was effortless. I am not religious but I am spiritual and found that moment to be cathartic. 

Bob Crane
Self-Portrait, Bob Crane

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