Hummingbird Migration & Nature Celebration

Volunteer at the Hummingbird Celebration!

Face painting at the Kids Area

Audubon’s largest outdoor festival would not be possible without the more than 150 volunteers that make this event and annual fundraiser a continuing success. Volunteering at the Celebration is one of the best ways to experience this iconic event, particularly for individuals who have attended in the past. No matter your experience, occupation or expertise, everyone is welcome to volunteer and help support Strawberry Plains Hummingbird Migration and Nature Celebration. We’re proud that this annual event grows in scope every year and could not take place without the generous support of our many volunteers and their willingness to give their time. 

Signing up to volunteer is now easier than ever! Simply click the link below and fill in the form online. 

Adult Volunteer Form

Teen Volunteer Form 

If you know of others that may be interested in volunteering and taking part in this exciting event, please forward this information to them or have them contact us at or 662-252-1155.   

We need to have all volunteers signed up with completed paperwork prior to the event and appreciate your support and effort in doing so. As in the past, you will receive meal ticket(s) and refreshments throughout your shifts and a complimentary t-shirt; we will have plenty of sizes and styles to choose from.  

How you can help, right now